King Magnetics

An IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificated high-tech company.

King Magnetics is a proffesional designer and manufacturer of high quality nanocrystalline core, amorphous core and high performance soft magnetic components. Over a decade, we provide wide range of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores, our cores are of high performance, high stablility and reliable. We have been recearching, producing, selling high performance amorphous and nanocrystalline cores, inductors and transformers for over ten years, and we have lots of experience in designing cores and magnetic components which are widely used in all kinds of electronics and electrical area.


IATF16949 cetificated Nanocrystalline Core Manufacturer in China


Nanocrystalline cores for EMC EMI filter common mode chokes

Good choice to solve EMC problem for EV charger, solar inverter, VFD converter.

Nanocrystalline material is first in amorphous state. During heat treatment, nano grains are formed. Nanocrystalline alloy features high permeablity over a wide frequency range, suitable for common mode choke, high frequency transformer, current transformer, shield sheet. Can replace tranditional CRGO material, ferrite, permalloy. Our nanocrystalline cores are of high quality, can directly replace cores from Japan and Germany. Widely used in electric vehicle, electric vehicle charger.

replace VAC vitroperm Nanocrystalline Cores

Nanocrystalline C Cores

Great selection for audio amplifier tube transformer.

Nanocrystalline C core is upgrade product of amorphous c core, with high saturation flux density, low coercivity, low core loss, very low noise, higher frequency up to 20KHz, suitable for main power transformer, Hi-Fi audio transformer, tube output transformer, output inductor, boost PFC choke coil. Can replace ferrite cores, permalloy cores, silicon steel cores. Dimensions can be custom-made.

equivalent to Hitachi finemet f3cc nanocrystalline c core

Amorphous C Cores

For large power inductor.

Amorphous material is made by quick quenching technology. Amorphous ribbon is formed directly from metled liquid to solid state. Cooling rate is about one million degrees per second. At such fast cooling rate, atoms don’t have time to allign and call amorphous. Amorphous material features high saturation flux density to be 1.56T, low core loss, suitable for c core transformers, inductors, PFC chokes.

equivalent to Metglas amcc Amorphous C Cores




Custom Cores and Magnetic components

Provide all kinds of nanocrystalline cores for students to do research thesis at university.

We custom make cores and components, we can design cores and chokes according to customer’s drawings. It is easy for customers to design new components, our quick delivery time, high quality can help your new projects succeed. We also work with a lot of universities, laboratories and R&D centers all over the world.


custom cores and magnetic components, equivalent to magnetec nanoperm coolblue

King Magnetics – High Quality Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Cores and Components
We provide all kinds of nanocrytalline core and amorphous core
Toroidal shape, C type, E type, block, gapped core, cut core, multi-cut core
Excellent for EMC filter, PFC Boost inductor, Output inductor, Inverter filter, Motor noise filter.