Amorphous Block Core

hitachi metglas amorphous block core


Amorphous Block core is stacked by 0.025mm amorphous ribbon, and is designed for high power usage, easy to install, easy to winding copper wire.High saturation flux density, low core loss. Suitable for solar inverter filter, medium frequency transformer, output inductor, PFC coke. Size can be made according to customer’s drawing.


Material: Fe-based amorphous core
Saturation flux density induction: 1.56T
Curie temperature(℃): 410
Stacking factor: >0.8
Saturation magnetostriction(*10^-6): <30
Resistivity (μΩ.cm): 110
Ribbon thickness: 25μm
Core shape: Block


>> Solar inverter filter
>> PFC choke
>> Midium frequency transformer
>> Diffrental mode choke
>> Output filter
>> Audio equipment

Amorphous Block Core