Nanocrystalline Block Core

Finemet Metglas Nanocrystalline Block Cores

We custom-make nanocrystalline block cores. We can make the blocks according to your drawings, nanocrystalline block is made of 25 micro meter thickness nanocrystalline ribbon, and nanocrystalline blocks feature low core loss, high permeability, suitable for high frequency transformers, inductors, sensors, wind-power generators.


Material: Fe-based Nanocrystalline core
Saturation flux density induction: 1.25T
Permeability @ 10KHz: > 50000 (Tested by toroidal core)
Curie temperature(℃): 560
Stacking factor: 0.78
Saturation magnetostriction(*10^-6): <2
Resistivity (μΩ.cm): 115
Ribbon thickness: 25μm


>> Inducted heating equipment
>> Transformer
>> Inductors
>> Sensors
>> Wind-power generators



Nanocrystalline Block Core